YouTube Channel Monetization: A Complete Guide


YouTube is an intensely famous video hosting platform for professionals and trainees alike. It’s also a great way of producing income if you know how. If you’ve ever wondered how you can apply for YouTube Channel Monetization for your own requirements, then you’re at the right place! This article explores the potentially lucrative field of YouTube monetization, including information, the definition of YouTube monetization, and relevant guidelines.

What is YouTube Channel Monetization?

YouTube monetization is described as your capacity to generate income from your videos. If you’re curious about preparing for YouTube’s monetization program, you might need to meet a few criteria, such as 1,000 subscribers to your channel and 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months. We’ll examine the needs at length later.

The Seven YouTube Channel Monetization Rules:

If you want to monetize your YouTube Channel, begin by following these rules.

Create an AdSense Account For YouTube Channel Monetization:

This rule will be an important starting condition, so get it out of the way first. AdSense is Google’s in-house ad platform utilizing to boost and deal with advertising reach through different channels, and yes, that contains YouTube. Link that account to your Channel.

Learn the YouTube Partner Program Requirements:

Your next phase is entering the YouTube Partner Program or YPP. Membership supplies the key to help such as the merchandise shelf and channel memberships. Here are the standards you need to meet before YouTube even believes you for YPP membership:

Prove you’re following YouTube’s monetization policies:

  • Users must have observed your content for at least 4,000 hours over the past 12 months
  • You need at least 1,000 subscribers
  • You need a linked AdSense account
  • You must live somewhere where the YPP is general
  • Your channel has no community guidelines against it
  • You’re following YouTube’s monetization policies

You should also have an extra coating of security through two-step verification on the Google account associated with your YouTube channel.

Enable YouTube Channel Monetization:

Once your application is authorize, open your YouTube Studio, choose “Enable Monetization,” and follow the guidelines.

Follow the Rules For YouTube Channel Monetization:

There are many laws to follow, and your channel will be observe to verify that you relent. These policies include:

  • Google AdSense policies
  • Community Guidelines
  • Copyright
  • Monetization policies
  • YouTube’s Terms of Service

Stay Within Copyright Laws:

License Your Background Music. Copyrights are serious business. Consider utilizing Lickd to add a good tune to your videos.

Things to Detour For YouTube Channel Monetization:

youtube channel monetization

Avoid these traps, or you will disturb potential advertisers:

Controversy and misleading or false statements: We have freedom of speech, but it comes with obligations. For example, you may get tingled by deliberately creating debate with misleading, inflammatory language.

Excessive bad language: A few curses won’t get you in hot water, but, as in the movie rating procedure, extreme offensiveness gets you flagged.

Misleading thumbnail previews: If your video is about how to wash an assault rifle and the thumbnail picture is a basket of fluffy kitties, your video could get flagged for dishonest content.

Unnecessarily shocking content: Although this isn’t a deal-breaker, advertisers are cautious about being associated with contentious content of dubious taste, especially if there occurs to be no reason for it.

Top 10 Methods For YouTube Channel Monetization:

Here, in the end, are the top ten methods to guide YouTube monetization:

YouTube Ads:

This way is simple, the most basic, and the most accepted means of monetization. These ads appear before or during a video, and you can manage your order via several YouTube ad formats.


Have you ever seen a video where the broadcaster supplies you with a link to visit a business site and consider purchasing their goods and services? That’s a companion program. You earn a charge for each successful purchase.

YouTube Premium:

YouTube Premium is a subscription service where partners can download videos and watch ad-free content. Luckily, you still get cash for your videos under this service because subscription revenue payments get spread to video creators like ad income payments. The payment is dictated by how often Premium members watch your videos.

Channel Membership:

youtube channel monetization

Channel memberships involve a monthly subscription in interaction for complete benefits like exclusive videos, one-on-one live chats, and product values.


Consider a third-party platform such as Patreon to let buyers keep your channel in exchange for exclusive goodies. And speaking of goodies:


However, there are dozens of sponsored merchant platforms unrestricted today, ready to assist you in selling your branded goods to your fans.

Paid Sponsorships:

This tactic concerns acquiring a company or brand to sponsor your content in trade for using, demonstrating, or discussing their creations or services in your video.

Super Features:

These “super” features come in three states, all of them occurring in chat messages shown during YouTube live streams:

Chat: This function highlights your chat notes over others.

Stickers: This procedure is like Super Chat, besides fans buy and share eye-catching, appealing stickers to staple at the top of a chat stream.

Thanks: This feature lets users give some love to their favorite channels. Users also get a featured comment in the discussion, plus an animated GIF for a small price.

YouTube Shorts Fund:

This $100 million fund is designed for Shorts creators, assuming they meet the criteria.

YouTube Brand Connect:

This service, currently known in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, associates labels with YouTube creators for content marketing campaigns.

What to Do If the YouTube Partner Program Declines Your Application?

If you get denied by the YPP, don’t despair. Although, you can re-request the YPP after 30 days. Fortunately, YouTube lets you make things right by sending a message detailing which policies your channel doesn’t fit with. So, you will get feedback about what requires changing and the time to make the modifications and get that coveted YPP membership!


In conclusion, YouTube has given thousands of global creators the chance to make money from what they are sincere about. As a creator, all you have to do is choose which kind of monetization method is the most useful for your channel.

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