Web Designing: 8 Ways To Make Money


Are you on the search for ways of developing extra income? Do you understand how to make more income as a web designer? You might have already read a number of articles that offer the same advice over and over again. Evolving as an affiliate marketer, blogging, being a virtual assistant, or becoming an influencer on social media – all of these are praised as easy choices. But is it actually that simple? Instead of a generic list that you can find somewhere else, I’d like to concentrate on one specific idea – evolving as web designing.

If you love design and want to make cash as a designer, there are several choices (part-time and full-time). This article wraps up many of the most famous options you can follow. Read through the details of each and discover what may be the right fit for you.

How To Make Money Through Web Designing?

The biggest query here is How to make money as a web designer. And the shortest solution is to specialize in your field. If you do not have any specialization, then start working to generate those specialized talents. The better you get at your web designing talent the more money you can make. As you get your design career up and off the ground, here are some methods you can make money online utilizing your primary design talents.

Work for a Design Agency:

You could work as a worker for a design agency and spend your time designing websites for customers. As an employed designer, you’ll concentrate on the design work without the requirement to deal with business-related topics like landing clients. This is the most familiar way to make money with web designing. Working for a company would likely pay you a set salary, and (relying on the employer) you’d have advantages like paid time off and health insurance.

Work as an In-House Designer:

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Another choice that permits you to work as an employee is to be an in-house designer or developer. In this case, rather than working on projects for customers, you would be working on the website of your employer. For example, you could be an in-house designer for a financial organization. Your job duties would involve designing and preserving the company website. Working as an in-house designer or developer delivers some of the same pros and cons as working for an agency, except you won’t be performing on various customer projects.

Freelance Web Designing:

Now, stepping out from the first two choices where you would be working as a worker. Freelancing is a totally different game.

If you work as an employed designer for an organization, you’ll spend almost all your time designing for customers. As a freelancer, you’ll spend most of your time on client tasks, but you’ll also have duties related to running the business. This includes discovering potential clients and ensuring projects, marketing with contracts, bookkeeping (although it can be outsourced), and all elements of client communication.

One of the pleasant things about freelancing is the flexibility that it presents. You’ll have some power over the types of customers you work with and the projects you get. You’ll also have more power over your working hours, although your tasks will still have deadlines to meet.

Start Your Own Agency:

If you enjoy the business factors, beginning your own agency is an opportunity. Rather than working as a solo freelancer, you could employ other designers and web developers to perform for you.

If your ultimate plan is to start an agency, a low-risk approach would be to freelance first and make up your business slowly. When you have sufficient of a workload and income to justify employing someone else, you could develop.

Create a Web Designing Blog:

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Another opportunity to make money as a designer is to begin and run a design blog. You could use the blog to boost your own design services and take customers while also running the blog, or you could concentrate on making money with the blog through other methods (such as ads, affiliate programs, or selling products).

Become a Writer for Design Blogs:

If you like the concept of writing blog articles on design but don’t want to begin your own blog and wait a long time before making money, working as a freelance content writer can be a great choice. Several design blogs employ freelance writers, and if you have some design and writing talents, you can get paid to do it. Most likely, this would be a part-time thing, but it’s achievable that you could rise up to full-time work.

Sell Themes or Templates:

Here’s an alternative method to make money designing websites. There’s a lot of need for website templates and themes for famous content management systems like WordPress and Shopify.

There are a few different methods that you could go about this:

Set up your own shop – Make your own website and sell themes or templates. You’ll need to obtain traffic and build up the business, but you’ll have full authority.

Sell on a marketplace – Instead of marketing by building up traffic to your own site, you could sell at a marketplace and profit from their huge, proven user base. You’ll have to divide the revenue, and you’ll give up a lot of authority.

Make a Course and Become a Web Designing Tutor:

The last opportunity we’ll look at is to create your own online course about some factors of design or development. You could create a course on website design, logo design, WordPress development, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other matters. Then you can sell your course and start earning.


In conclusion, If you’re wondering how to make an income with web designing, you’ve seen several opportunities in this article. The most common choices are working for a design agency, performing as an in-house designer, or freelancing. However, other choices include starting your own agency, creating and selling templates or themes, starting a design blog, freelance writing for other design blogs, selling stock graphics, or making courses. Now that we’ve examined the opportunities, take some time to evaluate the pros and cons to see what might be the most suitable fit for you.

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