Shopify: 8 Proven Ways To Earn Money


Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that has blown up in popularity with around 1 million stores. Granted that more and more shoppers are shifting towards online shopping, store landlords are open to a huge revenue opportunity. Sellers who find useful methods of making money online and selling their services or products build their prestige slowly and skyrocket their sales.

But wait a second. Is it that effortless to make money with Shopify? Yes, if you understand how to. One of the most wonderful things about Shopify is how comfortable it is to use for both retailers and customers. And the best aspect is it is easy to get started as a seller. Whether you hold a small business or peeking to start a new experience to make money with Shopify, there are several proven ways that many other merchants already use. We’ll move through how to earn money on Shopify.

Create an Ecommerce Store For Shopify:

If you are thinking about how to make money on Shopify, beginning an e-commerce store can be your solution. The platform makes it easy for everyone to set up an online store without annoyance. You have many other options about what to sell, such as handmade interests, something you resell, or a service you provide.

Shopify is perfect for e-commerce than most similar platforms because it’s easy to add items, curate them, and let your clients easily checkout. Moreover, you can make a blog for your Shopify store to get more organic traffic to your site.

Create a Shopify Dropshipping Business:

Dropshipping is quite famous these days; e-commerce and many Shopify sellers make a lot of cash through it. The best aspect of it is that there won’t be any stress on your inventory. Dropshipping is a business model that permits business owners to outsource their creations to sell and sell them on their websites. All you need to do is discover suppliers whose products are identical to your niche.

Evolve a Shopify Affiliate Marketer:

Earning money on Shopify doesn’t always mean that you ought to sell anything in some circumstances. You can enter the Shopify Affiliate Program and evolve an affiliate. This program applies content creators, educators, influencers, and people who want to inspire audiences and make them create their entrepreneurship with Shopify.

To enter the program, partners need to guide their audiences to Shopify. Like normal affiliate marketing, this one also functions with commissions. You accept commissions when your audience registers a paid Shopify business plan.

Begin Your Own Clothing Line or Accessory Brand:


Earning money with Shopify is more comfortable these days. The procedure of designing, manufacturing, and shipping printed dresses is more streamlined and easier than ever. You can convert your creative designs into something advantageous by starting your clothing line. Apps like Printful ask you to link your Shopify store to the app, choose the goods you like to apply your design, and then upload your design.

They print out products on request. So, whenever clients purchase a product, they take their expenses from the payment and start making the product. You won’t have to deal with shipping either as they print and ship the creation themselves. Pretty beneficial, isn’t it? Additionally, setting up an accessory brand is also a familiar way to earn money on Shopify. Whether you craft them yourself, drop ship, or have them made, you can make a strong brand, particularly with the help of successful marketing.

Create a Niche Product and market It Well:

Shopify is not only about the platform you sell your products on, it comes with benefits, but you need to know your niche and how to market your product regardless.

You can create a unique niche product that targets a distinct audience. This will confirm that you know who your clients are and how to address them. A clear target audience is more manageable for creating marketing rather than a wide and diverse group.

Set Up a Local Online Grocery Store:

Another method of earning money with Shopify is to set up a local online grocery store. If you own a crop or already have a brick-and-mortar shop, you may think of supporting your local deals with a website. Search engines like Google permit local shops to improve their visibility by showing the stores on maps, the store hours, and information on the snippets, etc.

Observe that you can gain an even wider audience by targeting SEO keywords special to your region. Also, popups with the geolocation targeting feature are reasonable to turn your existing traffic from the local area into sales or email leads.

Monetize Your Social Media:


Monetizing social media is a great choice when thinking about how to earn money on Shopify. It is much like an affiliate program; basically, you shift your social media following into a revenue stream. Shopify’s starting plan has a special priority on social selling. It permits you to add “buy now” links to Facebook and Instagram posts.

If you as an individual or your company are getting successful effects from your social media marketing campaigns, it can be a big chance to turn it into extra income.

Show Your Shopify Freelance Service:

Getting paid for something you are best at might be something you are already accomplishing. However, creating a Shopify site can make your freelance service develop and look more experienced. Whether you are a freelance writer, designer, illustrator, etc., you can utilize Shopify to list your services as products and disable shipping as it’s not something physical.


In conclusion, there are lots of ways to earn money on the Shopify e-commerce platform – or as an experience adding value for Shopify sellers. As the platform extends even further in the future years, we can hope that many more plans will emerge for enterprising online entrepreneurs to take benefit of. Just determine that it takes time, knowledge, and marketing to create a brand or ongoing business. Make sure you have a thorough business program and marketing strategy before launching into the e-commerce world.

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