Freelancing Websites You Should Know For Making Your Career


Do you want to get the freedom of working from the comfort of your home with no pressure of being overlooked? Do you want to work at adjustable times? Would you like to save the time and fuel needed to travel to your office? Well, if the response to these questions is yes, then freelancing is for you. There are many freelancing websites available, you can choose which suits your skills.

There has been a huge amount of growth in the freelance industry in the last decade and going to resume. The question now is to discover the best freelancing websites. The growth of the freelance economy is appreciable. Freelancing is not a type of job it’s a community. If an individual doesn’t have any resources as well as he wants to achieve his dream task. So, freelancing is the best platform to achieve this dream. Freelancing has become the buzzword and the method of working for millenniums now.

Top Freelancing Websites:

Freelancing websites are platforms, to help freelancers peeking for projects as well as for the companies who want to earn their business in a moment of an eye. These top freelancing websites provide protection to them to increase their trust. These freelancing websites are a method to turn your talent or skill into a side business for earning. You have the margin from the boss, relaxed working hours, and most significantly, the freedom to apply for only the deals that you’re good at.

Needless to say, freelancing websites will allow you to start your profession. Apart from this, they’ll help you in finding customers and earning an employer’s faith along the way. Here is a list of top freelancing websites to gain money.

Fiverr – Biggest Freelancing Website:

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Fiverr is the greatest freelancing website in the United States for freelancers to join companies. This website considers a lot of experts, like academic writers, web designers, SEO experts, logo designers, and so on. Freelancers on this platform, sell their services to businesses and can put their Gigs according to their talents by using keywords. As the name indicates, every order on Fiverr begins at $5. Moreover, the platform offers possibilities to everyone thus they can gain a tip for their work. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t permit non-serious people to play with other people.

However, the disadvantage of this platform is that Fiverr demands $1 for every order you get means you get $4 eventually. One more thing is that it is not appropriate for a long-term project like development, complete marketing solution, etc.

Tip: Ultimately, to get orders, your Fiverr profile must be authentic, look professional, and describe your skills and expertise for the aim of the employer’s attention.

Upwork – 2nd Biggest Freelancing Website:

The second-biggest freelancing website with over 12 million registered profiles, 5 million customers, and 3 million published jobs every year. It allows freelancers to make a profile for free. The goal of Upwork is to build economic possibilities for freelancers. Freelancers can sell their skills to businesses at competitive rates. Additionally, Upwork has a feature the ‘work diary’ opportunity which permits you to bill your clients accurately.

It presents multiple job possibilities in different fields. you might also be capable of working for many famous companies.

The site part of this platform is that it has a large number of verified projects to bid on, an easy-to-use chat, a time-tracker, and a payment security plan to make contact with customers a breeze.

Upwork is not appropriate for new freelancers hence they don’t approve your profile effortlessly. Luckily, if they approve your profile, it’s difficult to get the 1st order. It’s costly as well because they demand a 20% service fee from freelancers and 3% from employers.

People Per Hour – One Of The Biggest Freelancing Websites:

This freelancing website employs freelancers such as they concentrate on quality only instead of quantity. These websites have the best customers for freelancers to get the best orders with high rates. It is used by a lot of IT freelancers, especially in India, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan. Its presence is in 247 countries with 1.5 million profiles using its service.

As the name indicates, People per Hour is a marketplace for employing talent on a per-hour basis. It is the best platform to start your profession. If you have talents related to SEO, web projects, or software engineering this website is for you. Start with an application that would be examined by a team of leaders.

After approval, create a profile noting your skills, portfolio, experience, and recent projects per month. Freelancers can send 15 proposals to customers for free.

Hence, this is the best freelancing website for web projects or software Engineering.

Freelancer – One Of The Famous Freelancing Websites:

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Freelancer is also the biggest freelancing website presenting millions of projects with 32 million registered profiles. Moreover, freelancers compete with other freelancers to showcase their talents. There are thousands of jobs that can opt for as a freelance employee. It permits you to select 20 different skills for your profile. Users can browse through the careers that match their skills and then apply them to their selected projects.

There are various membership plans obtainable on this site. If you sign up for a 30-day free trial you can use 100 bids in a month. On this platform, you can’t make Gigs like Fiverr. Thus, it can’t contend with Fiverr and Upwork.

99 Designs:

This freelancing website plans to concentrate on the designer job- from logos to book covers for all graphic designers. This freelancing website is a bit distinct it allows the designers to submit work based on the order brief and the employer selects the best design and gives payment for it. 99Designs presents two types of scope, one is performing instantly with employees, on the other hand, is joining into contests with other providers. It’s a great method for skillful designers to establish their talents.


In conclusion, Freelancing has appeared as a powerful way to make money online. Freelancing is an excellent option for people seeking financial freedom and different customers since it permits you to perform on your terms and interact with customers all over the world. These platforms link you to customers globally. Begin your freelance travel today and grow your online income and occupation on your terms. Freelancing stands out as a possible option. Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr,, 99 Designs, and People Per Hour deliver a variety of choices based on your capabilities.

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