Content Writing: How To Take It As a Career


In the age of digital freelancing, with so many talents in demand and paying well, many of these skills will fade out shortly. But, today and in the future, content writing will not only endure but will also increase freelance jobs. Freelancing is getting quite famous among people all over the world. It is strong, individuals can work at their speed and offer the benefits they specialize in. A freelancer can sidestep observing strict 9-5 job timing and go via the pest of commuting to the workplace. Computers and the internet have altered the earth. Freelancers offer their courtesy from the comfort of a couch or mattress without quitting their houses. One of the numerous in-demand skills as a freelancer is Content Writing.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the method of making and publishing written content for a combination of purposes, including marketing, education, and recreation. Content writers must be able to research issues, write in a straightforward and concise style, and edit their work for grammar and spelling errors. They can work in various stages, including in-house at businesses, as freelancers, or as part of a content commerce agency. The job outlook for content writers is anticipated to grow faster than average in the coming years, as more businesses and organizations recognize the importance of creating high-quality content to reach their mark audiences.

How to Become a Content Writer?

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When you combine skills, such as content writing, with a technological niche, you will become a superior content writer. It might be a very attractive proposition because you now have subject matter expertise and specialized skills related to this topic area. The following steps are what you ought to know about how to evolve a content writer:

Step 1: Create a Portfolio

After selecting an enterprise or specialty, brainstorm content statements, develop content for that industry, and create a few blog essays, an ebook, or a case study. A strong portfolio will equip you with a solid foundation to grow. But it alone will not help you.

Step 2: Begin Generating Social Proof For Content Writing

You can utilize this as a content writer to make your social proof. Quora is a perfect place to do this. Quora not only lets you flex your content script muscles, but it also draws the required social proof and shows how people are not just consuming but also entertaining with your information.

Step 3: Establish Authority by Blogging

Now you can draw more clients and reclaim them at a much higher price if you show a sense of authority and command. A blog is an effortless way to reach this. It will use your blog to describe your expertise and administration. It is a politely specific way to set up a blog, and there are numerous sites online that will advise you on how.

Step 4: Develop a Pitch

A great pitch is short, to the end, and eloquent. These are the details of a practical angle:

  • An unmistakable, personalized topic string
  • Handle the recipient by name
  • Note where you found their condition (or why you think they need content)
  • Describe why you believe you are a suitable fit for the condition or company
  • Samples of your appointment and portfolio
  • Connections to your blog and other social media outlets (like Quora, Upwork, etc.)
  • Linkages to your social media accounts
  • A compelling email signature

And keep in the sense that the treasures are in the follow-ups. Place to follow up after you pitch.

Step 5: Start on Websites For Freelancers

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Fiverr and Upwork, the online marketplaces for freelance services, have led the writing gig thrift. Many of you may state that it is absorbed, but we acknowledge there are still a lot of options on these platforms. Giving out free labor in business for evaluations is a simple process to gain success on Fiverr and Upwork. You can also determine to use these content segments to build your portfolio, so it’s a win-win circumstance. Once you’ve amassed a certain digit of reviews, you’ll have a more promising chance of landing jobs on these sites.

Step 6: Create Your LinkedIn Profile For Content Writing

A LinkedIn account is the key if you want to be a piece of the literary gig economy. The first and numerous evident step is to create a complete profile with all relevant data. After that, it’s the moment to complete your profile. LinkedIn is also a search engine, so make sure you show up when institutions look for people with specific skill sets. To achieve this, ensure that keywords are used in both the title and the description.

Step 7: Apply to Companies That Have Openings

Keep an eye out for communities seeking the highest-time content writers on job panels. It also includes digital marketing and promotion firms. Although, they’re almost continuously on the lookout for writers. Even if they have full-time writers, agency life is unexpected, and you never know when your essentials will expand overnight. So, contact the proper individuals at these organizations and pitch your services to them.

Step 8: Participate in Content Writing Platforms

You won’t be able to pick your clients here, but it’s the ideal place to begin if you’re starting. There are other alternative platforms, but their payments are lower. In any case, it’s worth a go.

Freelancing Websites:

It is an excellent way for budding writers to stretch their creative muscles and write content for various clients. Content platforms are websites that are energetically employing writers to write on multiple subjects. Of course, you won’t have control over who your client is, but it generally pays well. So, it’s an excellent place to start.

Here are some amazing content platforms:

  • Fiverr
  • Zerys
  • Italics
  • Constant Content
  • Media Shower
  • Upwork
  • Write Access


In conclusion, content writing is one of the best skills you can equip for a better future. Content writing is often confused with creative paper, but it is more near utility than imagination. If you catch the science behind it, you can cover it in art (creativity). Understanding how to become a content writer has more to do with trade content, which is most significant for content writing. With a fundamental sense of SEO and social media networks, you can develop content that not only works but also spreads.

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